Sometimes daily cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising just isn’t enough. Whether you are a skincare expert or a soap and water advocate, a professional facial treatment will improve your skin. Much like a fitness trainer will improve your sports performance, a facial treatment can kick start your skin to begin renewing the damaged cells and improving your complexion.


What can I expect during the facial treatment?
Initially your skin care professional will discuss your concerns and note anything you wish to improve about your skin. You will need to explain how you currently look after your skin and also how much time you have everyday so that your skincare professional will be able to best tailor a skincare routine and treatment to achieve your desired results. Your skin will be cleansed and assessed, followed by exfoliation, vitamin serums, massage and a mask. Extractions may be incorporated into your treatment. You will leave feeling smooth, revived and fresh.

What conditions can be corrected with a facial treatment?




  • Sensitivity





  • Acne





  • Oily skin





  • Dry skin





  • Sun damaged and prematurely aged skin





  • Congested skin with blackheads and whiteheads





  • Combination skin – oily and dry





  • Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes


    What are the advantages of a facial treatment?
    Facial treatments vary depending on the individuals needs and will be tailored to suit you by your skincare professional. Generally a professional facial treatment will use a blend of products and ingredients which are stronger than most homecare products and this will boost your everyday routine achieving greater results from what you already do for your skin. Advanced techniques may be incorporated into the professional treatment to stimulates the deeper skin cells and assisting the delivery of key nutrients into the skin.

    How many treatments will I need?
    As everyone is different, your skincare professional will work with you to plan an individual and realistic course of treatment. This may be once a week or even once every few months.

    I have sensitive skin, can I have a facial?

    Yes. Obviously if you have sensitive skin, the products used will be gentle and calming to minimize any adverse reactions. Sensitive skin can benefit from professional facial treatments as it is often an impaired barrier function which encourages the skin to overreact to products. Barrier function can be restored with protective hydration and vitamins and minerals.